SMART FIT 17TKO-Innovation

Our history and experience in wheel-development make us proud to introduce the TKO wheel series from Mota Skates.

Simple Technology with innovative designs. We didn’t invent the wheel but we strive to perfect it! The evolution never ends!

Poly Urethane Outer (known as tire):

We have worked closely with the number one skate wheels’ manufacturer in the world (Precision Sports) based in Southern California to come up with

unique formulas for today’s roller derby game.

Size: 59X38mm

  • Firm  – Rolls like 93, Grips like 89 – Black
  • XFirm – Rolls like 95, Grips like 93 – Purple
  • XXFrim – Rolls like 98, grips like 95 – White 

Reason for Firm, XFrim, XXFirm:

The core and tire configuration make it impossible to follow the traditional durometer ‘A’ scale for wheel hardness.  With only 4mm of tire in the center

and 6.5 on the edges -traditional hardness rating doesn’t apply.

Unique Core by Design:

TKO one-piece core is stout in structure with wall thickness that promotes stiffness. Couple the structure design with our composite (Derlin) injected

compounds and you have a plastic that performs like alloy but lighter.

Core Interlock & Overall Structure:

TKO interlock is a first; the interlock is raised to provide additional stiffness and allows the urethane to flow through the core. The core and PU are one.

TKO core design gives a distinct grip–control slide ratio. We accomplish with larger over all core height, and a unique interlock design placed strategically to enhance roll without sacrificing grip.

Outer Mold (overall profile)

TKO profile is the ONLY 59x38mm with a speed lip.  No other 59 mm derby wheel has a lip like TKO. The first 59×38 mm wheel with stability and control of a 62×44 mm.  You will simply be amazed!!



Doug Glass – Owner, designer, and product developer for Mota Skates has officially exited the traditional process of making roller skates. Doug’s passion for boot making dates back to his competitive run in the 70’s all the way through early 1990’s. In an effort to find a way to make his skating experience better than what was being provided to him, he opened up his own boots and modified them to fit and perform better than standard boots off the shelf. He later had the opportunity to craft his own inline boot. From the molding process, to the upper and successfully skating in his own handmade creation, Doug started his own boot company with his wife to-be, Julie Brandt Glass (AKA Mota Matrix formerly known as Atomatrix) in Huntington Beach, California back in 1997.

“I am thrilled to be able to live my own dream, and for the past 20 years, designing roller skate boots and its components. Transitioning from a competitive skater to a small business owner has been a very bitter sweet yet rewarding process. You learn a lot along the way!
My most recent development is the most rewarding of all. With the continued growth of roller derby and maturity of the sport worldwide, it makes sense that the quad boot also evolves. Quad speed skating as a sport died during the surge of inline skating (Rollerblading). Most branded skate companies shifted their resources over to inline technologies. However, the huge resurgence of quad via roller derby over the past 10 years has changed the game. Roller derby has been maturing as a sport for years. Over the past few years it has become stable and viable enough that several brands have committed to providing skaters with products that specifically cater to improvement through the technology of its components. This takes risks and research. We have hit the mark – we are excited about our new Smart-fit technology. We find it to be magical and for that reason alone we named our boots MOJO!”

– Doug Glass

Now, in 2015- Doug has listened to the skaters, dealers as well as incorporated his years of design, manufacturing, and skating experience to develop his most comprehensive quad boot ever…SMART FIT TECHNOLOGY only found in Mota’s new line of quad boots.

Smart Fit is a combination of several elements working together to enhance fit, function, performance and comfort.

  1. The overall shape of the shoe surrounding the foot. SKATE READY OUT OF THE BOX!
    • Heat molding made simple (optional)
  2. The ergonomically shaped sole and foot bed. Foot bed is recommended but optional and is included with all Mojo carbon and fiberglass Boots.
  3. Lateral support (counters) that follow the shape of your foot and move independently. (Moldable if necessary)
  4. Super tight heel cups that are heat moldable. Mold as many times as you like. (Molding is not required).
  5. Upper designed with flex, allowing it to trace your foot for maximizing control and comfort. Increased support without lateral restriction.

Before buying your next boot, it will be worth your time to put on a Mojo before making any decisions.

Contact your favorite dealer or Mota Skates directly for more information.


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