SK8CRE8 – Semi-Custom

6 week lead time from date of order/payment

Doug and Julie are boot makers first and foremost. Doug is obsessed with all products but has a real passion when it comes to developing performance roller products.  Doug and Julie’s first company dating back to 1997 was boot manufacturing in Huntington Beach, California.

FREESTYLE Inline Racing Shoes

Mota introduced a quad shoe called MOJO, all new design and technologies never done before. The fit, performance and comfort we have accomplished with MOJO has inspired us to do the same for inline.

We currently offer FREESTYLE semi-custom. Full custom shoes available June 2016.

FREESTYLE inline racing shoes, are going to modernize the inline racing shoe as we know it today.  Without saying too much, this boot will fit like a glove, reduce restriction, allow you to have 165 mounting to optimize three wheel frames, or 195 for 4 wheel frames.

We have been developing and testing the past 6 months. Thank you for your patience as we strive to provide the inline skating world with a shoe that will allow them to feel FREE and have STYLE…



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Semi-Custom Features:

  • Anatomical carbon base (shell), integrated with  high-performance moldable technology
  • Pre-Shaped per a cast of your foot
  • Anatomical foot bed
  • With or without zip cover
  • Microfiber upper and inside lining:
    • Lighter weight
    • Maximum Longevity
    • No stretching to maintain a perfect fit
  • Velcro ankle strap, adjustable/removable/replaceable
  •  Custom Colors – Be creative, go FREESTYLE
  •  Vertical mounting slots & horizontal threaded holes
  •  Waxed Laces