MOTA SKATES, 100% owned and operated By Skaters for Skaters. Sole owners, Doug & Julie Glass (Founders & formerly owned from 1997-2015 – Verducci Racing, Atom Wheels/Skates, Luigino racing, Bionic Bearings, Atom Gear, Pilot plates) are Backed by more than 30 years of outstanding roller skating experience, innovation, quality and roller skating successes. Mota Skates is first and foremost a boot company that dates back to 1997 where we first start business manufacturing in Huntington Beach, CA. Our passion for designing premium quality and performance boots remains the same.


Be a leader in roller-skate components of all levels / top-end products for inline and quad applications.  Be a distinctive brand that transmits performance first and foremost.


Produce articles having high technology, innovation and design content with long-lasting quality. Provide customers with quality service.  Support the brand with differentiated image activity in line with our visions. Transmit a clear direction, share goals and information, promote assumption of responsibility and support the growth of roller sports.

Our company and our values

Backed by more than 20 years of outstanding innovation, quality and sporting successes there is MOTA SKATES. A new name, new look and a new meaning. Our logo was designed to represent both Doug and Julie in sport and in life: wings for freedom, circular background for longevity, sharp lines for quality, thick borders for strength, and slanted letters for speed.

Our long history, which has greatly helped the birth and development of modern inline racing and roller derby, is driven in the innovative spirit and has become an integral part of our new company’s DNA. Continually striving for maximum performance and quality combined with a taste for style and form will make the world of MOTA SKATES and its products stand out in every aspect.

Skater service and care will round out our pursuit of excellence.  Ensuring what skaters find in the MOTA SKATES brand is an unrivaled support in his or her passion for skating.

Natural Innovators

Since 1996 – the first inline racing frame with full color graphics and 7075 aluminum made in USA.  In 1997 – the first power strap with micro adjustment buckles and micro fiber uppers for inline speed skates.  In 2009 – the first 59×38 quad wheel dedicated to roller derby. In 2012 – the first integrated anatomical foot bed for performance quad and inline boots.

The same thread will continue to run through MOTA SKATES: we have always looked beyond in order to offer something that is more evolved, better performing and the highest quality.

Over the years and down through the generations, this way of thinking and creating has become a sort of natural imprinting for our nature, our company and those who work with us.




Husband and wife (Doug & Julie Brandt-Glass) both world champion inline/roller skaters between 1986-2004. We went into business for ourselves in 1997, manufacturing premium inline racing boots in Huntington Beach, California along with our founding partner Mr. Verducci of Italy. Verducci Racing went on to be one of the top inline Racing brands worldwide, sponsoring and making boots for several top skaters around the world including names such as Chad Hedrick, Joey Mantia, Brittany Bowe, Joey Cheek, Jessica Smith, Ippolito Sanfratello and so many more.

Between 1997-2012 our mission remained consistent, to produce the most premium inline racing boots in the world, mission accomplished!

Jump forward to 2002 where Julie, Mr. Verducci and I were sole owners of Nistevo/Atom Wheels/Luigino Racing, Pilot, Atom Gear, Bionic among other brands under the Nistevo Sport Mfg umbrella. We set out in 2012 to enter the quad boot & skate segment of roller skating. We had aspirations of designing and producing premium products at an unprecedented value for both the inline and quad markets. However, we fell short in 2015 due to an unfortunate partnership calamity that forced us to walk away from our own company. The unfortunate situation has caused relentless hardship. However, there is one thing no one can take away, our pride and passion for the business and sport of roller skating.

Our mission remains the same, to produce premium products for both roller and inline at an unprecedented value. In addition, we are focused on inline products that accommodate all ages and skill levels with special attention to youth.

Immediately following the biggest setback of our lives, June 2015, MOTA was born (hence Atom backwards). We have been digging deep remembering life lessons along the way. Nearly my whole life I was told by mentors: when you’re down – get up, when you are tired others are exhausted, the clock is always running, there are no timeouts, and my favorite, NEVER underestimate the heart of an elite athlete.

We intend to impact the skating community by providing quality, comfortable performance skate products that allow everyone to enjoy inline & quad roller skating.

Four years later we have successfully brought to market a line of premium quad boots and skates. We continue our tradition and focus first and foremost on boot design and development. That is how we started in 97 and it’s what we continue to do best. Our devotion to boot development has changed the way quad boots are designed and manufactured forever.

These next few years will bring us back full circle where we left off in 2012. We continue to design and improve premium boots; however, our mission has expanded to include the growth of speed skating through products that all skaters can enjoy regardless of gender, age or level.

Closing the gap best describes our mission. Offering skates that will assist any skater from rink-rat, social skater to a jam, dance or competitive speed skater. Julie and I both grew up with hard-working middle-class families. Both joined speed skating wearing the same skates we used as rink-rats. The gap between low-end skates and premium skates has grown substantially since the 90’s. It’s our mission to help close that gap.

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