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The roots run deep.  

Let’s start by going down memory lane.

For Julie, it all started back in Grandville, Michigan at a little rink called Terry Hall.  The owner of the rink recognized Julie’s love of skating and told her parents he would give free lessons if she joined the speed team.  This was 1989, Julie was 10 years old.  She and her 2 brothers would spend every open session at the rink, along with all speed practices. Julie was officially a rink rat and loved it.

After a couple years on quads and trying to get them figured out, the sport would be turned upside down in early 1991.  Julie was disappointed as she just started getting competitive on quads and now needed to learn to skate on inline skates.  Julie’s future husband, Doug Glass his mentor were to blame….!

Leading the charge for the inline explosion was Tom Peterson, Doug’s mentor, USA’s first World Champion and founder of the biggest wheel brand EVER – Hyper Wheels.  The meeting – held at Coco’s Restaurant in HB, California in the middle of the night as Doug was working and skating for the Labeda’s, a competitor of Hyper at the time. Tom told him everything was about to change.  With these funny looking skates…5x76mm wheels all in a line? (We now skate on 110 and some on 125)! Doug looked at him and said, these things don’t turn.   Tom said, these skates are your new best friend so sleep in them if you need to because they are the future.   Doug was taught to skate by Lanny Warner & Skip Peterson (1976) who were sisters,

Skip was Tom’s mom.  She was Doug’s coach and motherly figure for 20 years before Doug retired his competitive career and moved to Huntington Beach, CA where Tom employed him to be a part of Hyper Wheels in 1994.  Tom inspired Doug to take the leap from athlete to business explaining “you can’t eat your medals”. Doug couldn’t pass up the opportunity and never looked back.mota skates

It’s safe to say for an inline introduction into our sport under USARS, Doug was a pioneer through Tom.  He showed up to his first meet on them in Ft. Pierce, Florida and nobody knew what they were seeing nor did USARS know what to do.  Different skates weren’t against the rules.  A month later was a larger meet called the Orlando Classic.  Doug may have gotten last off the starts but once he got to the lead- there was no turning back.   Hands down these skates were faster and the news spread like wildfire over the U.S.  The faster you could get on them, the better as everything changed.  Starts, turns, technique and speed records dropped dramatically.

Doug skated on the U.S. World Team on quad skates from 86-91, winning two world titles and skated for Hyper & K2, leading this new crazy inline boom from 91-94 before Tom asked him to come to work at Hyper Wheels.  All he’s ever done is work in skating from Skateland roller rink in Olympia, WA to National Skate Distributor in Tacoma, Labeda Wheels and eventually his dream, to work alongside Tom Peterson at Hyper.

Julie skated on the U.S. World team from 95-04, accumulating 16 world titles and was recognized as Americas Sweetheart.  With more all-around accomplishments than any other female skater in the world.  Julie most recently competed at the world championships in 2013, her best result was a top 8 finish in the 500 meter road race – a huge accomplishment after having twins and 9 years of retirement .

“This worlds meant a lot to me, I never thought I would return to this level of racing but I am happy I did to prove to myself and others that you can run a company, be married, have kids, grow old and still chase your passion”

–Julie Brandt Glass

Mota Skate

Doug and Julie met through the sport and married in December 1998.  Being so busy with work they didn’t vacation / honeymoon until their 5 year Anniversary.  Both recognized a love of the sport at 10 years old.  Both had dreams of making the sport our lifelong work.  Fate brought them together.  Through the ups and downs, the dream and journey continues…


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