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Flex-TEK Exoskeleton

Flex-TEK is revolutionary in every sense of the word.

Flex-TEK features one-piece outsoles with built-in counters and an external heel. Most will ask, what does that mean?

Traditional Technology
All traditional quad boots regardless of brand, model or design have counters that are attached to uppers not to the outsoles.

  • This has been the technique used to mass produce skates for over 50+ years.
  • Materials attached to upper used for counters vary from hardboard (stiff cardboard), leather board, different plastics.
  • This technique is the only way to last using machines for mass production which reduces labor
  • Counters attached to the uppers in order to maintain shape and follow the last are pre-shaped or heated up prior to lasting in order to copy the last shape, then cooled to hold shape
  • These traditional counters breakdown and stretch with the upper.
  • Generally, a high-quality quad boot comes with a break-in period, once broken in they don’t stop getting softer, they continue to stretch and become oversize causing blisters, calluses, overall loose fit which in most cases diminishes performance.

MOTA’s Flex-Fit Technology (FLEX-TEK)
Flex-TEK counters are incorporated into the design of the outsoles. This technique requires hand lasting; Hand lasting technique has been in existence for years. This remains a technique for high-end custom shoes, high-end handmade dress shoes and all elite level inline and ice speed skates.

  • Incorporated counters are designed to work independently. Thus, allowing the counters to trace your foot regardless of width, shape, size.
  • Flex-Fit counters also have independent heel counters to accommodate heel width and enhance heel lock.
  • One-piece outsoles and counters do not breakdown with the uppers. As the uppers become softer and more supple, the counters retain their shape and consistency over the life of the boot.
  • Using 3D modeling our premium Barefoot last COMBINED with years of experience we designed the lightest most advanced quad boot technology that offers precise fit and superior comfort -with little to NO break-in time.

Traditional Heels
• Traditional heel heights internally changes where and how your foot sits inside the boot. Boots are made with a specific heel height, counters and heel cups are made according to the position of your foot. If heel height is modified internally from its original manufactured point your foot will no longer be positioned proficiently.

MOTA’s External heel option (0, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14MM)

Separate heel by design. Over the years we have seen heel heights change depending on the discipline or style of skating. With our system you never have to invest in new boots or go through the troubles of grinding or removing layers of            leather. Once you grind or remove the fixed heel height it’s difficult, in some cases impossible to revert to the original height.

  • Having a separate heel allows for better control over design, function and overall weight of each outsole.
  •  Flexible instep and outside counters, rigid heel cup & stiff soles that will never curl over your plate. Provide optimum energy return over traditional leather or carbon fiber.
  • Separate heel enhances precision fit to foot. Flex-TEK outsoles and counters will always position correctly on your foot regardless of which heel height you prefer. Changing heel height externally doesn’t change your foot potion or heel height internally.
  • Standard heel height is 7MM, if you prefer to sit back on your heels vs the center of your foot we suggest 5MM inserts.