Savage Outsole Tech; ruling out “price is perception”. Mota designed, developed and manufactured Savage outsoles in order to produce premium performance and quality boots at a more affordable price. Mota has changed the way boots are made forever. As one of the top carbon/composite boot companies in the world Mota realized through the development of hand layup (carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass) that nylon outsoles with proper design would outperform leather and even carbon fiber boots.

Savage nylon composite one piece outsole vs carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass: Savage encapsulates the foot with Flex-Fit that adjust to every foot shape out of the box. Flex-Fit reduces or even eliminates break-in and doesn’t breakdown like traditional quad boots. Through design and nylon composite materials Mota Savage one-piece outsole is nearly the same weight as carbon.  Nylon composite is ultra responsive, some say more than carbon due to the forgiveness (flex & return). Savage outsoles are more comfortable and the unique Flex-Fit in both the side and heel counters provides lateral support and heel lock. No other outsole provides this performance…at a price that that most would expect to pay over $300.

Better fit, Better performance, Through technology!


  • Fully heat moldable
  • Ultra light and highly responsive nylon composite counters
  • One-piece outsole that includes counters
  • Little to no break-in
  • Longer lasting than traditional counters, no stretching or breaking down to to one piece Flex-Fit
  • Pre-marked template on the bottom for fast and 100% accurate mounting with any plate brand/model
  • External heel reduces weight and allows for optional heel heights

Savage outsole

Savage outsole

















Doug Glass – Owner, designer, and product developer for Mota Skates has officially exited the traditional process of making roller skates. Doug’s passion for boot making dates back to his competitive run in the 70’s all the way through early 1990’s. In an effort to find a way to make his skating experience better than what was being provided to him, he opened up his own boots and modified them to fit and perform better than standard boots off the shelf. He later had the opportunity to craft his own inline boot. From the molding process, to the upper and successfully skating in his own handmade creation, Doug started his own boot company with his wife to-be, Julie Brandt Glass and Mr. Verducci of Italy in Huntington Beach, California in 1997.

“I am thrilled to be able to live my own dream, and for the past 20 years, designing roller skate boots and its components. Transitioning from a competitive skater to a small business owner has been bitter sweet yet rewarding process. You learn a lot along the way!
My recent development is the most rewarding of all. The lack of evolving products for quad roller skating but yet the maturity of the industry worldwide, it makes sense that the boot needed to evolve. Quad speed skating as a sport that died during the surge of inline skating (Rollerblading) most branded skate companies shifted their resources to inline. However, the resurgence of quad via roller derby over the past years changed the game.  We have hit the mark – we are excited about our new Savage Flex-Fit technology. We find it to be magical and plan to expand this technology throughout our quad boot lineup. 

– Doug Glass



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