Mota 8MM Clip Axles Spacer Kit

Spacer kit of clip axles. Each spacer is beveled for micro adjustments.

Placing spacers either behind the wheels or in front of the wheels is acceptable. Mota suggests using spacers on the front side of the wheels directly under the clip for the most secure set-up.

Included in the kit:

16ea. 8mm bent washers (bent allows for micro adjustment when needed)

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Mota Clip Axle Spacer Kit

Each spacer has a bevel, the following are different ways to use the spacers and find what works best for your wheels. Each wheel model can have small variances, the spacer options can help reduce space for each model/brand.

  1. keep each spacer the same direction (least space removed)
  2. place spacers on the axle in opposite directions (most space removed)
  3. place one spacer up and one down