HUVR Carbon Bundle


No one makes skates like we do. Period.

Bringing comfort and affordability to competitive inline skating.
HUVR skates combines performance, comfort and affordability. Skates designed for serious skaters/competitors. HUVR is not your traditional high-end inline skate…

  • Boot: HUVR Carbonfiber 195 mounting
  • Frame: Boss 12.80
  • Wheels: NO wheels included
  • Bearings: No bearings included
  • Axle kit
  • Mounting kit
  • 4mm allen tool

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No one makes skates like we do. Period.

Designed for the competitive skaters who settles for nothing but the best. HUVR skates are excellent for competitive racing indoor, outdoor, marathons / fitness.

Advanced Technology and Italian heritage combined to form the most advanced inline boot in the world. Designed for the competitive skater who settles for nothing but the very best. Delivers lightning quick unmatched acceleration.

HUVR Carbon
HUVR Carbon is hand laid up with moldable epoxy resin.  We have gone through 2 years of testing to achieve the best possible fit with comfort. We have over 20 years of carbon fiber and inline boot manufacturing experience. The most difficult balance with carbon fiber and other hand laid up cloth such as fiberglass, Kevlar, etc., is the balance between a tight/performance fit and comfort. Not easy to achieve for all feet. No two feet are the same, not everyone should be required to buy custom boots to enjoy competitive skating. Even worse, skaters spend over $1,000 and their boots are not comfortable or maybe don’t even fit at all.  TKO is committed to producing performance with comfort. It is possible and we are proving it! SKATER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 17 × 16 × 6 in
Boot Size

36, 37, 38, 43, 47