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Mota Skates new flagship Out-sole Savage; ruling out “price is perception”. Mota designed, developed and manufactured Savage out-soles in order to produce the most elite boots on the market today and for years to come. Mota, as one of the top carbon/composite boot companies in the world realized through the development of hand layup (carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass) that nylon quad shells with proper design would outperform carbon boots.

Savage nylon composite out-soles vs carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass out-soles: Savage encapsulates the foot, VERY similar in weight, just as responsive, much more comfortable, Flex-Fit side counters, adjustable heel counter for narrow or wide feet…most importantly they perform better than carbon for most skaters.

High-performance through technology!

Package Includes:

  1. Mojo Carbon Boot
  2. Boss Pro plate (custom color, pictured)
  3. Toxic Wheels (pictured)
  4. Monster Stoppers
  5. YOLO Bearings


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