Mota FootBeds

NOW available with flat arches (blue underside)

Ergonomics Matter

Better support, more comfort, more control = overall better performance.

Specifically made for MOJO boots but may be adapted to other brands.

Sizes available: 4-11 including 1/2 sizes, 12-15 (only whole sizes)

Sold as pairs

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Mota Footbeds

NOW available with flat arch

Ergonomics Matter

Ergonomic heel cup that follow all Mota Mojo boots ergonomic sole shape. At Mota Skates we understand the importance of foot-beds.  Quad skating requires a lot of stress on the feet. In order to maintain as much contact with the bottom of your boot throughout the skating stroke you must have some level of ergonomics in the base of your boot in order to achieve optimum performance.

2mm heel lift

Metatarsal support

heel cup support

Molded EVA closed cell foam, hard enough to give support but yet soft enough to give comfort in all the right places.


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