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They were just delivered!  They are so absolutely incredibly Gorgeous!!!  And fit so incredibly well!!!  Oh my goodness, my toes are so happy to not be so squished/have the freedom to spread, & the support around my ankle is the best I’ve ever experienced!!!

Thank you so very, very much for the bearings & extra straps!  Y’all really did not have to do that, but I am so blessed & grateful that you did.

I am going to skip taking a lunch today, get off work early, go see my friends & place the order for my favorite (artistic) plates, & eventually have them mounted!  Thank You again so very, very much!

Oh my God, they are the most gorgeous skates I’ve ever seen.  I am going to work with them right next to me the rest of today so I can stare at them off/on until this work is finished & I am free to finish getting them setup!


Blessing these gifts back to You & Yours, Julie & Doug.  Thank You so much.  I am so happy!!!


Candice Hogan

I was able to skate the wheels today for the first time. I absolutely loved them straight away. I still need to wear off the sticky outer coating but I can tell they are going to be amazing for my fitness/trail skating. The grip and rebound reminded me of my MPC Black Magics…however at half the cost. So I think I might have a new favorite 110 mm wheel.

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